Common Issues in Retaliation Disposition

Orange County business lawyerOrange County Business Lawyer Discusses Common Issues Raised in an Employment Retaliation Case Deposition

When you file an employment retaliation lawsuit, being questioned under oath during a deposition is an essential part of the case. The deposition gives the attorneys an opportunity to gather facts by questioning the parties and witnesses involved in the lawsuit. There are certain legal concepts regarding “protected activity” and employer retaliation that will likely be addressed while you are being deposed. Prior to appearing at the deposition, it is important to meet with your Orange County business lawyer to ensure you are thoroughly prepared to handle the questions you will be asked.

Questions Regarding What Constitutes “Protected Activity” in the Workplace

During the deposition, the employer’s attorney wants to verify if you exercised a right or performed an action that is protected by law. The employer’s attorney will also want to know if you complained to anyone about the subsequent harassment or discrimination you experienced at work as a result of exercising your rights. You will be asked to state the names of the people you spoke to regarding the complaint; the date the complaint was filed; and whether there is written documentation of the complaint. The answers you provide helps the employer’s attorney determine if you have a strong case.

Questions Asked by Employer’s Attorney Regarding Retaliatory Actions in the Workplace

The employer’s attorney may ask questions to show that the employer didn’t retaliate against you for engaging in a “protected activity.” The opposing counsel will want to confirm whether the person responsible for making decisions in the workplace was aware of your complaints. You may also be asked to provide details regarding the type of retaliatory actions that transpired. Common retaliation tactics include lowering your salary, being transferred to an inconvenient location, reducing the number of hours you can work or refusing to grant you access to certain benefits. When you have a solid case, the Orange County business lawyer is in a better position to negotiate a fair settlement or win a court award on your behalf.

Consult an Orange County Business Lawyer

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