Testifying in Your Deposition

Orange County business attorneyAn Orange County business attorney can assist a client in preparing for the deposition in their case.

Your Orange County Business Lawyer Will Review Your Complaint With You

When giving your deposition, the opposing attorney will ask questions regarding the claims you have made. Your Orange County business attorney will assist you in preparing a chronological list of the events as they transpired regarding your case.

Preparing for Your Testimony

The opposing attorney will ask you about the initial instance of harassment, retaliation or discrimination. Your Orange County business attorney will assist you in answering the following questions:

1) Can you identify the person responsible?

2) Can you provide specifics as to what happened?

3) Where did this occur?

4) Why did this occur?

5) Did you feel a certain way when it happened?

6) What was your response?

7) Did you keep a record that it occurred?

8) Did you file a report? Why or why not?

9) Did you inform anyone who didn’t work at the company such as a relative, friend or medical professional?

After you have detailed the initial incident, you will be asked about the next incident and any that occurred thereafter.

Contact a Qualified Orange County Business Lawyer

An Orange County business attorney can assist you with the testimony in your deposition. Call Daily Aljian LLP at 949-861-2524 to discuss your case today.

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