Orange County Securities Attorneys

In order to increase its competitive edge, a small business may decide to operate via public investments. By going public, the business enters into a highly regulated and monitored marketplace that may be accessed by a wide range of investors. However, in order to go public, a business must first meet the standards of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC.

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Helping Small Businesses into the Public Marketplace

Some business owners may be convinced that their company simply does not have the financial power to enter into the public marketplace. However, with the assistance of a legal advisor, a business owner can safely navigate their way into the world of securities. An attorney may be able to assist a small business owner with the following services:

  • Establishing SEC regulation compliance
  • Setting up compliance maintenance programs
  • Advising on the benefits of public trading

With a lawyer to back a business owner, the company may save a significant amount of time and money by directly addressing important regulation compliance issues.

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If you are considering going public with your company, the task of bringing your business up to federal compliance standards may prove daunting. An experienced attorney can help you throughout the process. For more information regarding our services, contact the Orange County securities lawyers of Daily Aljian at 949-861-2524 today.