Contract Drafting and Review

Orange County Contract Drafting and Review Attorney

There are many day-to-day decisions a business must make to ensure its operations run smoothly and effectively. However, some important decisions may require the drafting of a contract or lease. If you require a contract or lease for your business, you need a professional business attorney to help you draft and enforce these legal agreements. Drafting a contract or lease agreement can be a complicated process, and you need to make sure you have the best legal advice available.

If you are considering leasing a property for your business or need to draw up a contract between your business and another party, you need legal counsel for drafting or reviewing the documents to make sure that your interests are protected. Contact the Orange County contract drafting and review lawyers of Daily Aljian today at 949-861-2524 to schedule your consultation with a qualified attorney.

Drafting Contracts and Leases

Contracts, leases, and other legal agreements are an everyday part of business. If you need a contract drafted, our team of attorneys will help you consider the following:

  • The duties and obligations of each party involved
  • Whether or not each party is fully understands the intentions and requirements of the contract
  • What consequences will arise if the contract is broken

You may also need an experienced lawyer to help you draft a lease contract that includes:

  • The cost and length of the lease
  • Tenant and landlord responsibilities

Make sure you seek the assistance of an experienced business lawyer if you need a contract or lease drafted. We can also review your contracts and leases to help you better understand the aspects of your legal agreement.

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To make sure your business interests are protected with correct contracts and leases, contact the Orange County lease drafting and review attorneys of Daily Aljian at 949-861-2524.