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“Whistleblower” is a term used to describe an individual who chooses to report any illegal or discriminatory acts committed by their employers. In some cases, whistleblowers risk their job security and personal safety by reporting these actions because some companies go to great lengths to make sure no one finds out about any illegal or unethical activities. However, it is important to know that you have certain rights and are protected from job termination for reporting illegal acts as a whistleblower.

If you are suspected of whistleblowing, you may be at risk of losing your job or suffering from harassment or mistreatment at work. It is important that you take legal action immediately if you are fired for reporting an illegal or unethical action. To discuss your legal options with a qualified representative, contact the tenacious Orange County whistleblower lawyers of DAILY ALJIAN LLP today at 949-861-2524 and schedule your confidential consultation.

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At Daily Aljian, our dedicated Orange County whistleblower attorneys are experienced with handling these types of cases and protecting employees from suffering serious consequences if they choose to report illegal or unethical workplace actions. We can help prevent you from losing your job, or should you choose to leave, we may be able to negotiate your severance package.

You shouldn’t feel threatened or afraid to report any unlawful behavior by your employer. Choosing to report these actions is encouraged by the government, which in turn protects the rights of whistleblowers through several important statutes.

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Don’t suffer from workplace mistreatment after choosing to report any illegal actions taken by your employer. If you are facing this stressful situation, contact a knowledgeable Orange County whistleblower attorney of Daily Aljian today at 949-861-2524 to discuss your case.