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Many cases of illegal acts at the workplace often go unreported. This is because employees are sometimes afraid that their bosses will attempt to retaliate or punish them. However, just like discrimination, retaliation is illegal under federal employment law. Agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration exist to protect employees from any retaliatory actions from employees, so they don’t have to be afraid to report illegal acts in the workplace.

If you or someone you know feels like your employer is acting in a way to retaliate against you, you need to seek professional legal advice and assistance immediately. Contact the tenacious Orange County retaliation attorneys of DAILY ALJIAN LLP today at 949-861-2524 and schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your legal options.

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Employer retaliation is a very serious issue in the United States. In fact, recent statistics suggest that about a third of all discrimination complaints to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission dealt with some kind of retaliatory actions.

Many retaliation cases happen when an employer takes action against employee who reported illegal actions and possibly hurt the company’s reputation. However, proving retaliation can be very difficult. That is why you need a qualified legal advisor to handle your case every step of the way, from gathering evidence to arguing your side in court.

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