Insurance Subrogation

Orange County Insurance Subrogation Lawyers

Orange County Insurance Subrogation LawyersAs the owner of a business, it is important to keep an insurance policy for whatever accidents and injuries may occur as a result of daily operations. However, working with an insurance company often means that the insured business owner must accept a subrogation clause. Our Orange County insurance subrogation lawyers know these clauses permit an insurer to pursue repayment after providing insurance coverage on a claim.

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Subrogation Issues

A subrogation lawsuit can prove extremely troublesome for a business owner. An insurance claim may have resulted in the issuing of significant benefits, but if the insurance company has reason to believe that liability should have been allocated differently, they may seek to recover some of those funds. The following issues are likely to be a source of disagreement during the course of a subrogation case:

  • Disputes over the execution of the subrogation clause in a policy agreement
  • The cause or fault of an incident
  • The sum needed to be recovered by the policy holder

An unfavorable finding with regard to any of these matters can be extremely detrimental to a business’s financial strength as our Orange County insurance subrogation lawyers know.

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Insurance subrogation can prove one of the most technical areas of business law. To discuss your legal options in a subrogation case with a skilled and experienced attorney, contact the Orange County insurance subrogation lawyers of Daily Aljian by calling 949-861-2524 today.