Fighting Investigation If Employed

Irvine Orange County employment lawyer attorneyPreparing For An Investigation Regarding Employment Issues

Clients of an Irvine employment attorney often ask questions about tactics to use when dealing with issues at work.

An Irvine Employment Lawyer Will Tell You To Ask That Your Lawyer Be Present

If your employer asks to interview you, it is advisable to say that you will consent to the interview if your lawyer can be present at that and every interview. The employer might decide not to pursue the issue.

Your Irvine Employment Attorney Will Explain How A Written Complaint Can Help

An Irvine employment lawyer will tell you how a written complaint will be used to list your allegations accurately, concisely and persuasively. Your lawyer will help you to organize the written complaint and continue working on it until it is acceptable.

It is imperative that you use terminology that will be open-ended. This can be accomplished by listing the problems—being harassed, discriminated or retaliated against—that you have faced while mentioning that there are other instances of this occurring. Make sure you use enough examples to show what you have been subjected to. If you are aware of fellow workers having the same problems, it is key to mention this. The document should be brought with you and given to the investigator.

Call An Experienced Irvine Employment Attorney

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