Email in the Workplace

Email expedites communication, helping companies compete in today’s break-neck work environment. That being said, the misuse of email can be particularly deleterious to the health of a company. An Orange County business attorney can help you develop a plan to avoid problems with email at work.


A Problem with Many Facets

Misuse of email in your business can occur in a variety of ways, most of which are inadvertent. The common thread through much of them, though, is that the business suffers as a result.


  • Loss of Productivity: Employees who spend time sending and receiving personal emails during work hours cost the company money through lost productivity.
  • Illegal Downloads: Employees may or may not understand the legal ramifications of illegal downloads, such as music or images, on computers owned by the business. However, such downloads can lead to litigation against the company for copyright infringement.
  • Defamation: If an employee sends messages that are demeaning or racist, the company may be liable for discrimination or libel.
  • Passing on of Sensitive Information: Certain employees are, by the nature of their jobs, privy to sensitive company information such as payroll and even trade secrets. Your business may face charges for dissemination of personal information about employees, and may stand to lose an untold amount of money if a trade secret is revealed.


Coping with the Problem

Work with an Orange County business attorney to develop a comprehensive email policy. Among issues that should be included are:


  • Drafting a policy and a means to enforce it
  • Developing a way to monitor employee emails
  • Creating a defense against spam


For Further Information

If you have questions about developing a company email policy, speak with an Orange County business attorney. Call the Law Offices of Daily Aljian LLP for an appointment today at (949) 861-2524.

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