Deposition Dangers

Irvine business attorneyYour Newport Beach employment attorney can explain the process of taking and defending a deposition. He or she may also be able to provide you with advice about how to get through this process without damaging your case.

Listen to Objections

Your Newport Beach employment lawyer may suggest that you listen to the nature of his or her objections. During a deposition, your lawyer will object to questions that are improper. One reason for the objection is to preserve them for the judge’s ruling. Additionally, your lawyer may object in order to prevent you from providing inaccurate information that could later be used against you.

Asked and Answered

If you hear your attorney use this phrase, that means that he or she believes that you have already provided a sufficient answer to a similar question earlier in the deposition. The defendant’s hope with this type of strategy is to ask questions multiple times in order to acquire a contradictory answer during the deposition.

Other Phrases

Other phrases that your attorney says may also clue you in on what your attorney wants from you. For example, he or she may indicate that a question is vague, so you should wait for it to be reworded before answering it. Additionally, the phrase “speculation” may indicate that you cannot possibly know the answer to a question fully and accurately.

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