Business Lawyers in Orange County, CA Answer Your FAQs

California courts routinely address complicated and important business matters concerning local, state, and federal laws. The following are a few frequently asked questions regarding business litigation, answered by our business lawyers in Orange County, CA.

What Is Business Litigation?

business lawyers in Orange County, CABusiness lawyers in Orange County, CA can tell you that business litigation deals directly with legal issues related to business. While the specific tactics for litigating a business matter will depend on the particular issues in dispute, generally the same procedures will be used as they would for any civil lawsuit. This includes hiring an attorney, attending settlement negotiations, going to trial, and perhaps an appeal following trial.

Are There Any Alternatives to Litigating a Business Dispute?

Yes, as our business lawyers in Orange County, CA know, there are several Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods available to avoid litigating a business dispute. ADR typically involves arbitration or mediation. Arbitration is where a neutral third party (called the arbitrator) acts much like a judge by hearing both sides and rendering a decision. Generally, the arbitrator’s decision is binding on the parties. Mediation, on the other hand, involves a neutral third party (the mediator) who works with both parties to help them come to an agreement to resolve the dispute. Mediation is not binding. Arbitration and mediation are often cheaper and quicker than litigation.

Should I Litigate or Pursue ADR?

Business attorneys in Orange County, CA will inform you that sometimes the issues in dispute are too complicated and contentious for mediation or arbitration. As a result, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to achieve a satisfactory conclusion using ADR. Competent business lawyers in Orange County, CA can assist you in deciding whether ADR or litigation is most appropriate for your situation.

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