Non-Compete Agreement Litigation

Non-Compete Agreement Litigation

Employees who work for a company for an extended period of time, particularly those in higher level positions, often gain access to confidential or sensitive information that could harm a company’s success or competitive advantage if it were shared with competitors. To prevent this type of information from falling into the wrong hands or being used unfairly against the company, employees are often required to sign non-compete agreements with their employers upon hiring or promotion.

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Non-Compete Agreement Basics

A non-compete agreement is designed to prevent an employee from working for two competing businesses simultaneously and / or in succession. This type of contract protects a business from being negatively affected by an employee who also works for a competitor, or who leaves the business to work for a competitor. Typically, a non-compete contract prevents an employee from leaving to work for a competing business for a set period of time following his or her termination in order to protect a company’s confidential information and trade secrets.

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If an employee has signed a non-compete agreement and leaves a company to work for a direct competitor, he or she may be in violation of the established contract. Those who leave to establish their own business may also be in violation if they use contacts or business relationships gained from their position with a former employer.

If you are involved in a non-compete dispute, our Orange County business attorneys are prepared to help. We can clarify the terms of a signed contract and inform you of the legal options that are available to you. If the matter cannot be resolved outside of court, we have the experience to aggressively litigate your case to see that your company’s business interests remain protected.

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