Interference with Contractual Relations

Interference with Contractual Relations

Business relationships and contractual relationships with other businesses or individuals are vital to any company. When these relationships become damaged, it can reflect poorly on your business and may even take a significant financial toll. A business could lose potential profits directly or indirectly if a contract falls through or the company loses a vital business partner. When another person or business intentionally causes these relationships to become damaged, they may be held liable for any costs that the target business has incurred as a result.

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Costs of Tortious Interference

Interference with contractual relations, known formally as tortious interference, is a civil offense that involves a party intentionally damaging the business or contractual relationships of another. Some of the effects of damaged relations include:

  • Termination of a business partnership
  • Termination of a contract
  • Reduced sales
  • Loss of income
  • Damaged reputation
  • Mental distress

Any of these costs can negatively impact a person or business that is the target of tortious interference.

How We Can Help

If your business or contractual relationships have been damaged and you suspect that a third party is responsible, you may have legal grounds to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for the costs of the damage. Our Orange County contract interference lawyers understand how crucial your business relationships are to the success of your enterprise and we are committed to helping you recover the payment that you are owed.

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