Commercial Unlawful Detainer

Orange County Real Estate Lawyers Explain Commercial Unlawful Detainer

Commercial property owners in California often find themselves in difficult positions with their tenants, especially in today’s financially distraught economy. In many cases, the commercial property owner is left with no option but to begin eviction procedures, known as an unlawful detainer action, against even long-time tenants with exceptional leasing histories. While an unlawful detainer proceeding provides expedited relief for commercial landlords seeking to evict a tenant, these proceedings are complex and involve strict filing deadlines and notice requirements that can best be handled by an expert Orange County real estate lawyer.

California laws require certain requirements to be met for a legal and prompt eviction of a non-paying commercial tenant. The first step that your Orange County real estate lawyer will take is to prepare and submit a proper notice to pay rent or quit or notice to cure breach or quit upon the non-paying tenant. Following a three-day response period, your attorney will proceed with filing a thorough complaint that initiates the unlawful detainer proceeding. Because unlawful detainer actions involving commercial property are summary proceedings in California, the process moves and is resolved quickly, returning possession of the property to the landlord. With the experienced assistance of your attorney to properly meet all the legal requirements, you will avoid any delays during your eviction proceedings.

Therefore, if you are a commercial property owner and are left with no option but to start eviction proceedings against your tenants, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who is committed to restoring the rightful possession of your property and enabling you to lease to new tenants who will pay their rent. By hiring a reputable legal team, you can ensure that your unlawful detainer will be promptly and expertly taken care of, allowing you to continue the financial growth of your business.

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