WI Fiber Optics Company Sued on Breach of Contract Claims

The owner of a Wisconsin-based management business has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against a fiber optics company.

According to Madison County Circuit Court documents, James T. Mihalich, owner of J2 Management Inc., filed a lawsuit January 21 against American Fiber Comm LLC and its owner, Thomas M. Allen. The lawsuit contends J2 Mgmt. agreed on a mutual release and settlement agreement with American Fiber in February 2010. The contract guaranteed J2 would be given a 10 percent commission on work completed by American Fiber Comm within two years of the contract.

American Fiber sold fiber optics for more than $1 million to Clearwave Communications earlier this year. Mihalich claims the contract entitled J2 Mgmt. to a commission of more than $100,000 from the sale, which American Fiber refused to pay.

Michalich is asking for the amount of the commission, plus five percent interest. His attorneys have asked for a jury trial.

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