Understanding How Emotional Distress Is Dealt With in an Employment Lawsuit Deposition

Orange County employment law firmClients of an attorney from the Orange County employment law firm frequently ask about how emotional distress issues are handled in a deposition.

An Orange County Employment Law Attorney Will Explain Damages

Emotional distress often leads to the highest damages in an employment lawsuit. To receive substantial damages for emotional distress, you must give cogent testimony describing it.

How to Describe the Emotional Distress When Testifying

The defense lawyer will ask you how the problems at work affected you. Examples of these questions can be the following:

  1. Did you receive treatment or therapy for what happened?
  2. Did you take medication for anxiety, depression, panic attacks or to sleep?
  3. Were you suffering from symptoms related to the emotional issues such as being depressed, losing weight, experiencing reduced self-esteem and similar problems?

In addition, the opposing lawyer will ask personal questions to see if your emotional problems stemmed from the work issue. If you have certain incidents in your life you’d prefer not to discuss, it’s important to tell the attorney beforehand. In some instances, it’s beneficial if this information comes out. If you still refuse, the complaint for emotional distress might need to be dropped.

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