Terms of Use for Your Website

A Business Lawyer Orange County on “Terms of Use” for Your Website

Every business owner understands the value and perhaps the necessity for an online presence in today’s competitive business climate, yet establishing an effective website entails far more than merely conducting the business of the business.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In contemplating what “Terms of Use” your website will operate under, you will need to consider generally both the type and nature of your business and more particularly what role your website will play in fulfilling your business objectives. For instance, a website dedicated to the dissemination of information will have different requirements than one that sells goods or services. Your business attorney Orange County can explain in greater detail the potential legal liabilities that can flow from use of your online website.

Conditions of Sale

For those conducting e-commerce, it is imperative such issues as payment types accepted, credit card use, shipping costs, refunds and warranties are specifically addressed. In establishing your policies, be mindful of federal and state regulations; there are certain standards that must be adhered to no matter what your stated policy may indicate.

Privacy Policy

To the extent your business will collect personal data, establish a policy that protects that information. Additionally, it is important to inform your customers who is gathering the information, how it is collected, if it is being shared and the ability to opt out.

Online Conduct

If your website will host discussion boards or allow the posting of comments, you need to be aware you may be exposed to liability based on what is posted on your website. Therefore, establish a clear behavioral policy that does not tolerate offensive, defamatory, or obscene materials and fully protects intellectual property rights. The policy should include the penalty for a breach of the policy, such as exclusion from you site and also include a general disclaimer that you are not responsible for what others post on your site.

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