What Are RICO Charges?

If you have been accused in a RICO case, you can be certain that the opposition has a team of lawyers preparing its case against you. You deserve an aggressive and trustworthy legal team working to prepare a rock-solid defense for you. It is imperative that you contact reputable and experienced Orange County business litigation lawyers who know how to get the results you need and want.

What Are RICO Charges?
RICO stands for Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act. RICO was initially established to handle charges filed against the Mafia. It is well known that the Mafia was a criminal organization that engaged in criminal acts such as extortion, theft, and robbery, at the request of the “Godfather.” The RICO Act established a pattern of behavior, which permitted law enforcement to prosecute the Mafia leaders, even in cases where they had not personally committed the crimes. Additionally, RICO allowed for law enforcement to seize the property of these convicted parties. It must be noted that the RICO Act has not yet been extended to other enterprises.

The RICO laws currently allow for an individual or group of individuals to be charged with a RICO violation if that person or group has committed two or more criminal acts that fall under the racketeering laws within a 10-year time period. If you are convicted of a RICO violation, you can face up to 20 years in federal prison and loss of any property or assets that you or your company may have gained as a result of the RICO violations.

Such RICO charges and violations are serious and should not be taken lightly. Your future, as well the future of your company, will be at risk. You need to rapidly handle this situation by consulting with and ultimately hiring an experienced and aggressive legal team to properly defend against these allegations and help you avoid a conviction and forfeiture of your property.

To learn more about the RICO defense strategy a knowledgeable lawyer can put together in your particular case, contact the Orange County business litigation lawyers at the Daily Aljian firm for a confidential consultation.