Asking for a Reference Letter

Orange County employment lawyerAs part of your employment discrimination suit, your Orange County employment lawyer will likely advise you to seek a letter of reference as part of your settlement or severance agreement. This letter can help you to find employment elsewhere after your claim is settled.

Asking for More

In many cases, the employer’s counsel will attempt to limit the employer’s need to provide you with a reference beyond the standard statement regarding former employees. The counsel may state that the employer will agree to act according to an established policy about dealing with inquiries from prospective employers, which may be limited to only providing information about the job title and dates of employment. However, this type of provision will probably not protect you.

Letter of Reference

A solid letter of reference can prove vital to you in your employment search. The letter should be drafted by your lawyer with input from you. It can be subject to approval by the employer and the employer’s attorney. This process should be completed prior to the finalization of the settlement agreement. It should be attached to the agreement as a specific exhibit and signed by an appropriate supervisor or other individual from your place of employment.

Legal Assistance

If you would like more information about this subject or other aspects of your employment discrimination claim, an Orange County employment law attorney can assist you. Contact Daily Aljian LLP at (949) 861-2524 to schedule a confidential consultation with an attorney who works with employment discrimination cases.