Record Label Sues Tim McGraw for Breach of Contract

County singer Tim McGraw has been named in a breach of contract lawsuit filed by Curb Records on Friday.

Accoridng to court documents, the lawsuit stems from complications regarding the “Emotional Traffic” album. Curb claims that McGraw recorded the album too long before its delivery to the label in a “transparent tactic to attempt to fulfill his contractual recording commitment to Curb prematurely in breach of the recording agreement.”

Curb claims its contract with McGraw requires recordings to be “topical and new.” The label claims the artist agreed that each album would be recorded “no earlier than 12 months and no later than 18 months” following the delivery of the previous album.

McGraw said the release of his last album, “Southern Voice,” was postponed by the company as “a stall tactic to add another year to my contract.”

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