Purpose of a Deposition

Orange County employment lawyerAs you pursue your employment claim, your Orange County employment lawyer may meet with you several times. One of the visits that you have with your Orange County employment law attorney may be so that he or she can prepare you for an upcoming deposition. A deposition is a meeting that you may have that includes you, your Orange County employment lawyer, the defendant and his or her legal counsel. During this time, one party’s attorney asks the other party questions about the case. The testimony you provide is taken under oath. It is recorded by a court reporter, videographer or both.

Reasons for Deposition

There are several reasons why the defendant may want to get your deposition. For example, he or she may want to gather additional discovery so that he or she can learn more about your claim and the validity of it. While some of the attorney’s questions may seem like they are not relevant to the lawsuit, such as when the party’s attorney asks about your previous employment in an unrelated field, but courts generally provide great latitude during these proceedings. Your attorney may object to certain questions that are not allowed, such as questions that are protected by privilege. Your attorney may advise you against answering a question that he or she has objected to.

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