Unfair Practices Overview

Unfair Business Practices

Although business is supposed to be conducted in a free market on a level playing field, that doesn't always turn out to be the case. Luckily, California has a very strong unfair competition law that will hold people accountable for their unfair business practices. Your business should not have to compete on an uneven playing field; thus you may want to employ the services of an experienced Orange County commercial litigation attorney who can help you smooth things out.

In general, unfair business practices cover a wide range of torts, all of which involve economic injury that is brought about by misleading or wrongful conduct. Unfair business practices can consist of claims involving trade secret misuse, unfair competition, false advertising, and business disparagement.

Unfair business practices is governed by common law, as well as federal and state statutes and regulations. Even though unfair business practices can arise from a variety of things, they normally show up in connection with customary intellectual property claims of patent, trademark and copyright infringement. With that being the case, it is important for your business to maintain a good reputation and avoid the costs related with unfair business practice litigation. Accordingly, you should have an Orange County commercial litigation attorney to advise your business.

It is crucial that you are aware of what your business practices are, how they were created and continue to be created, and how they might be increasing your risk of being sued in the future. California law provides specific remedies for both individuals and businesses that want to stop a business from using any illegal, unfair or fraudulent act or practice, as well as any unfair, misleading or untrue advertising. Such remedies include restitution and injunctions, and the law is quite effective in immediately putting an end to businesses acting in such a manner.

Attorneys’ fees from the defendant are typically available as well, particularly when the relief attained confers a significant benefit upon a substantial number of citizens. If you believe that your business would benefit from the services of a skilled Orange County commercial litigation attorney, please call the Firm at 949-861-2524 for a free consultation.