Unfair Business Practices

Orange County Unfair Business Practice Lawyer

Orange County unfair business practice lawyerAt Daily Aljian we understand that unfair treatment by a business can be extremely costly for you as a company or business owner. Trust is a major part of any business dealing, and when a company violates your trust and does not deliver as promised, it can be held legally accountable for your losses.

An Orange County unfair business practice lawyer at our firm knows what it takes to fight back against fraud, contract violations, and other dishonest practices. To learn more about how we can help you take legal action against an unscrupulous business, contact Daily Aljian by calling 949-861-2524.

Litigating Against Unfair Business Dealings

Sometimes a company deliberately attempts to deceive another business during a transaction or other dealing in order to profit unfairly. When a company does not honor its commitments, you could be left with significant losses that could damage your business. We at Daily Aljian understand how important it is for you to receive the money, products, or services owed to you. We are prepared to assist with cases that involve any type of unfair business practice, such as:

  • Contract violations
  • Failure to deliver goods or services
  • Charging hidden fees
  • Failure to honor a warranty
  • Delayed, denied, or underpaid bills or claims
  • Collusion

Not only do these deceitful practices often qualify as criminal fraud, but they can also lead to a civil lawsuit against the company responsible. Our Orange County unfair business practice lawyer has experience representing large and small businesses alike in unfair business practice cases and will fight on your behalf to recover compensation for your losses.

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