Contract Dispute and Breach of Contract

Orange County Contract Dispute Attorneys

Orange County contract dispute attorneysWhen a contract is drawn up between two parties and the terms are agreed, it is a reasonable expectation that both sides will uphold their obligations. Unfortunately, there are many instances in which one party fails in its contractual duty to another. In the event of contract disputes or breach of contract claims, it might be necessary to seek legal representation to assist with the enforcement of an agreement.

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Requirements and Resolution

Several different kinds of problems can arise in a contract dispute. In particular, many people may consider a contract dissolved or broken if they feel that the terms were not legally enforceable due to violation of laws or failure to meet standards of reasonableness. Parties may not form a contract if they do not fulfill the following requirements:

  • The reason for the contract must follow the law
  • The parties must be allowed to form a contract
  • The procedure and type of contract must be legal
  • Both parties must agree to the terms of the contract

In the case of a dispute, a party may either argue that one or more of these requirements of contract formation were not met or that the terms of the agreement itself were not followed. As our Orange County contract dispute attorneys know the matter might be resolved by the court ordering one party to fulfill its contractual obligations or penalizing determining that the breach was justified.

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When a group or individual violates an agreement, the other party may be left to suffer the consequences. To learn more about contract law and your legal options in a dispute, contact the Orange County contract dispute attorneys of Daily Aljian by calling 949-861-2524.