Payment for Mediation

Orange County business attorneysIn the paragraphs below, Orange County business attorneys addresses how much, if anything at all, you should be required to give in payment for mediation in lieu of bearing half of the total cost. Listed below are examples of what you should offer instead of 50 percent.

 No Payment from You at All

Depending on your financial status, the strength of your case or your opponent’s concerns about unfavorable press, you can push for the opposition to bear the entire cost of mediation instead of requiring half from you. This is with the proviso that you will remain in the meeting unless the mediator releases you so that the opposition can be assured that you will not abandon the mediation process prematurely.

A Smaller Sum

You might indicate willingness to pay a lesser amount of money depending on what you can afford. An offer between $250 and $500 is considered reasonable assuming that your financial position permits it. This way the opposition knows you are motivated to see the procedure through.

An Equal Percentage

You are establishing your degree of commitment by agreeing that the total cost be divided into equal parts according to the number of defendants with each participant, including yourself, paying the same amount.

50 Percent Unless Resolution Is Not achieved by Mediation

If mediation fails and resolution is not achieved, you pay nothing. Otherwise, you pay 50 percent.

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