Part One: Questions Your Lawyer Will Ask

Your Orange County commercial litigation lawyer will ask questions regarding how your employer hired you.


Once general background information concerning you and the defendants has been gathered by your Orange County commercial litigation lawyer, he or she will then want to ascertain specific information concerning your hiring. Your lawyer will ask questions such as the following:

  • What date were you hired?
  • Who hired you?
  • Were specific statements or promises made to you?
  • Was there neglect on the part of the employer to give you information that you have received?
  • What job were you hired to fill?
  • What were the wages?
  • What benefits did the job come with?
  • Did you sign an employment contract?
  • Did you sign an offer letter?
  • Are there any other signed documents such as an Acknowledgment of Receipt of Arbitration Agreement or Acknowledgment of Receipt of Employee Handbook?
  • Were all the promises the employer made kept?

Orange County commercial litigation

Your Orange County commercial litigation lawyer will ask questions regarding your employment history.


In addition to information regarding the hiring process, your Orange County commercial litigation lawyer will need to know about your employment history at the defendant employer. He or she will ask questions pertaining to pay raises, performance evaluations, awards, bonuses, promotions, transfers, suspensions, disciplinary action, and demotions. The more information you can provide, the better you will be able to help your lawyer with your case.


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