Let Your Orange County Business Lawyer Stand Strong Against Your Employer’s Advantage

Orange County business lawyer Just because your employer might have a slight advantage with regard to defending a claim doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue that claim. As any decent Orange County business lawyer will tell you, an employer’s advantage can be turned around with the right evidence that is presented in a strong case. You’ll know whether you have a strong case by the simple fact of representation. In other words, if your Orange County business attorney takes on your claim, then they intend to prevail.

An Employer’s Advantage

Why does an employer have the upper hand in a claims case? As your lawyer will explain, the employer often has control over the witnesses. There could even be clauses in an employee contract that would prevent them from talking about any work-related issues. Your Orange County business attorney will be able to spot those clauses right away. They’ll also be able to challenge those clauses in court. In serious matters of discrimination, the court can grant leniency to allow witnesses to testify.

The employer will also have access to all the documentation pertaining to your case. This includes your computer. However, your Orange County business lawyer can easily subpoena that information.

Scaring You Away From an Orange County Business Lawyer

Your employer and their lawyers might try to discourage you from hiring your own Orange County business lawyer. They could tell you that your potential reward would be less if you have to pay for counsel. Don’t fall for that trick. The only way you can secure a fair settlement is with the right representation from an experienced Orange County business lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer like those at Daily Aljian LLP will put years of courtroom experience and settlement negotiation on your side. This is what you deserve in order to arrive at a suitable outcome for your claim. Call  949-861-2524 to set up a consultation.

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