Options When Pursuing Payment From Your Employer

When you are hired to perform a job, you usually discuss compensation at some stage of the process. You expect to receive the agreed-upon payment and must be compensated, according to the law. If you are not paid, your employer might be assessed additional fees. You have several options when attempting to collect back wages.

Alternative Courses of Action

If you decide you do not want to hire a Costa Mesa business lawyer, you have several choices. First, review your company policy and manual to see if your situation is addressed. Call human resources if you have questions about payments. You might look into collective bargaining to see if that is an available option. Review any relevant laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and state and local laws. The Department of Labor or State Labor Department might be able to provide you with additional counsel or resources. You might be able to pursue justice through small claims court and do not need an attorney to file a claim.

Legal Options

On the other hand, if you want to take legal action, you have several options. Legal service organizations can offer free legal aid in some cases, generally dependent upon income. In the same way, a legal clinic, usually operated through a law school, might be able to provide advice. Our Costa Mesa business attorney understands the nuances of employment law and would be happy to discuss your legal claim and provide you with additional information.

Our Costa Mesa business lawyer will pursue all of the compensation that is rightfully yours. You can reach Daily Aljian LLP at 949-861-2524 for help with your case.

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