A Mission Viejo Employment Attorney Discusses Discovery Tactics

The Interview

Your Mission Viejo employment attorney can explain the possible ways in which a defendant-employer may seek to obtain information from you. While there is little to encourage an interview with a previous employer, it is probable that a current employer will contact you for this purpose.

The First Approach

Mission Viejo employment attorneyYour Mission Viejo employment attorney can point to two primary approaches that your employer might use in an interview situation. The first is to put you in a room by yourself with no telephone, and using materials that the company provides, have you record in writing any and all charges of harassment, retaliation or discrimination that you intend to make. They will expect you to make a written statement at the end of the document that indicates that you have been provided with as much time as you wish and that you have written a comprehensive record of every instance of the aforementioned misconduct that has taken place. They will also require that you place your initials at the bottom of each sheet and affix your signature and the date on the last one.

The Second Approach

The alternative interview scenario puts you with the company’s human resources manager, with your lawyer there by your side. Your attorney’s attendance assures that the questioning is pertinent and appropriate. The HR manager will probably give testimony concerning the interview at a later time. You will then be sent a written summation of your assertions to sign and date. This indicates that you agree that all statements are accurate, and provides documentation of your charges so that you cannot change them later.

Be Prepared

Your Mission Viejo employment attorney can guide you through your case. Call Daily Aljian, LLP at 949-861-2524 today.

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