Liability Insurance

 business litigation attorney Orange CountyOne of the initial tasks that your business litigation attorney Orange County will have in your employment case is to determine whether there are insurance policies in place that will help indemnify your employer. Employers’ liability insurance helps to provide protection to employers in case employees are injured in a manner different than that which is outlined in workers’ compensation policies.

Bodily Injury

Your business litigation attorney Orange County can explain that workers’ compensation coverage helps protect employers from liability for bodily injuries or employee deaths that occur as part of the injured employee’s work for the employer.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

A business litigation lawyer Orange County can explain that there are other types of insurance that may protect an employer. For example, Employment practices liability insurance helps indemnify employers who are liable due to wrongful acts, wrongful termination claims, breach of contract claims, claims for retaliation, claims for harassment, discrimination claims and other employment actions. However, many states do not allow indemnification for the intentional acts of the employer. In these states, insurance can be provided for the defense of the claim but not for indemnification.


Under policies of this nature, the insurance company defends the employer at its own expense. An exception to this rule may apply if a general employer and a special employer are involved in a case. The special employer is not usually covered.

Further Legal Assistance

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