An Introduction to the Mediation Process

Orange County Employment Attorney meetingWhat Mediation Is

Essentially, mediation is a procedure in which the principles in a case meet with a disinterested third party in an attempt to resolve the case without resorting to litigation. The third party, normally a professional whose expertise is in employment law, officiates. Mediation is not mandatory. It is also not a guarantee of a favorable resolution or that the case will be resolved at all. Your chances of a successful settlement tend to increase the longer the mediation discussions continue. You should expect to be there throughout the day if your mediation is to be effective.

What to Wear and How to Act

The keyword here is professional. You should present a professional appearance both in your clothing and behavior. Wear clothing that is appropriate in church or in a courtroom. Be courteous to all persons present. Greet all individuals with politeness, but keep conversation to a minimum.

Introduction by the Mediator

The plaintiff, defendant and their respective counsel will attend the mediation. The mediator will open the meeting and outline the procedures. He or she will specify that mediation procedures are voluntarily undertaken and that you are under no obligation to stay. Further, nothing that is said during the meeting can be repeated outside the room to anyone under any circumstances.

Seek Skilled Professional Counsel

Don’t leave anything to chance. Engage the services of an experienced Orange County employment attorney to assist you in your mediation. Call Daily Aljian, LLP, at 949-861-2524 today.

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