Interference with Witness Interviews

If you have been fired without proper cause, the process of filing a lawsuit and seeking redress can be stressful and difficult if you do not have someone on your side. Your dedicated Orange County wrongful termination attorney will fight for you.

Orange County wrongful termination attorney

Once you decide to file an allegation of wrongful termination, discrimination, or any other illegal practice of employment, the defendant, your ex-employer, will immediately begin to defend themselves. They will commence with an informal process of discovery to find out anything they can about you and your claim. One technique that they may use is interfering with witness interviews.

Interfere with Witness Interviews

Being able to interview witnesses is one of the most critical aspects of the informal discovery process. The Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers prevents your Orange County wrongful termination attorney from making contact with officers, directors, managing agents, or anyone whose actions may bind the employer. All other witnesses are open to you and your attorney.

Your ex-employer may, however, try to stop you from interviewing certain individuals. They may ask witnesses not to speak with you, or to only speak with you when your former employer’s lawyer is present. This may be very effective when it comes to interfering with your witnesses, as witnesses can be afraid of losing their jobs if they defy their employer, or of risking a business relationship they may have with your former employer.

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