Intake Process

The Orange County business law firm of Daily Aljian LLP have extensive experience with litigation of all types, including, among other areas, corporate and business litigation, personal injury, employment law and consumer class action matters. In order to help explain the Firm’s intake process, we have created this brief summary.

1. Case Summary

When a business or individual contacts our office to discuss a legal matter, the prospective client is often asked to prepare a brief written summary of the dispute. The summary assists the Firm in developing a clear idea of the case and allows it to identify the initial legal issues.

2. Consultation

After we have reviewed the summary, we often schedule a consultation with the client and a member of our legal team. This meeting is intended to clarify any questions we have about the matter, identify potential problems, and inform the client about some of the important aspects of the case.

3. Engagement Agreement

If the client and the Firm agree to the representation, the Firm will prepare a formal agreement outlining the parties’ duties, obligations and compensation. Both the Firm and the client will sign the agreement before proceeding further.