Insurance Coverage Information for Employee Practice Claims

Irvine business lawyerEven if you have already filled out the employment practices liability, or EPL, policy forms, an Irvine business lawyer warns that you may need to fill out other insurance coverage forms.

One of the main issues of concern is with “occurrence” basis policies. Irvine business attorney explains that these types of policies cover any harm or damage that occurred during a policy period. However, this only takes into account when a claim is filed because of a particular event or a series of events. But what happens when the cause for your claim is due to a continuous exposure to conditions and not one sudden or particular event? Commercial general liability, or CGL, directors and officers, workers’ compensation and other types of insurance do not always cover these particular claims.

Are CGL policies adequate? Irvine business lawyer warns that they are not adequate because they are only helpful in the following types of events:

  • Unintended event
  • Unpredictable event
  • Accidental event

Most claims do not happen accidentally; they are intentional. CGL policies might cover bodily injury, but Irvine business lawyers are aware that these policies do not cover mental damage and humiliation, which are common in employment practice cases. Because of this, most CGL coverage excludes employment practice liability claims.

For more information regarding what claims are covered in your company’s insurance policy and how you should proceed with your case, contact an Irvine business lawyer at Daily Aljian LLP at 949-861-2524.

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