Initial Defense Attorney Contact

Orange County employment law attorney

While going through an employment law dispute, an Orange County employment law attorney will likely discuss the various aspects of your case. One of these aspects is the defense attorney’s contact. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Timing of Contact

After the employer reviews your demand letter or complaint, the employer or counsel for the employer will likely contact you. This conversation sets the foundation for later work.

Reasons for Contact

The defense counsel may initiate this contact for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To get discovery without paying for it;
  • To intimidate you into devaluing your claim;
  • To attempt to discover your bottom line on settlement; and
  • To determine how prepared you are to litigate your case.

Common Defense Tactics

Defense tactics will likely occur during this initial contact. One such tactic is to force you to bid against yourself. After you have made a settlement demand, the defense attorney will likely try to get you to reduce your own settlement amount. For example, the defendant’s counsel may state that the defendant is interested in settling, but only if you make your demand for a lower amount. Your own legal counsel will likely advise you against decreasing your own settlement demand because this can illustrate less credibility and weakness.

Legal Assistance

If you would like more information regarding contact with defense counsel, contact Orange County employment lawyer Daily Aljian LLP at 949-861-2524 to set up a consultation.