Information the Defense Will Examine

Orange County employment lawyerAfter a plaintiff works with an Irvine employment lawyer to file a lawsuit against his or her former employer, the defendant’s lawyer has the right to build a defense case using available information. He or she will examine various resources in order to uncover relevant and potentially harmful information about the plaintiff.

Defense Lawyers Will Search for Previous Cases Involving Irvine Employment Attorneys

One of the first actions a defense lawyer might take after accepting a case is probing the plaintiff’s history of litigation. If the claimant has partnered with an Irvine employment lawyer to take legal action against prior employers, the defense may be able to present the plaintiff as overzealous and inclined to pursue baseless litigation.

An attorney will also review several public documents including:

  • Notice of Charge of Discrimination
  • Cause Letter of Determination
  • Notice of Right to Sue

A Plaintiff May Be Vulnerable When His or Her Irvine Employment Lawyer Is Not Present

As part of his or her case, the plaintiff may need to testify in court to settle related legal issues such as workers’ compensation benefits. A shrewd defense attorney may view these events as opportunities to interact with the plaintiff in a courtroom setting and retrieve damaging information.

For instance, if the plaintiff testifies and inadvertently reveals that he or she never experienced any discrimination while working for his or her former employer, the defense can mention this statement during settlement negotiations or trial.

Look No Further for an Accomplished Employment Attorney

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