Illegal Employment Discrimination in Orange County

If you believe you have been the victim of illegal discrimination, you should consult with an Orange County wrongful termination lawyer to determine what legal options you may have. Although certain situations that are disrespectful or embarrassing may not necessarily be illegal, negative employment decisions based on a status protected by law may result in civil rights violations. Regardless of the type of discrimination that you have been subjected to, an Orange County wrongful termination lawyer can assist you to determine if the discrimination you are suffering is illegal and help you assert your legal rights under the law.

There are many decisions made in everyday life that may be considered discriminatory. And many forms of discrimination are matters of personal choice. For example, even though an insurance company might charge lower rates for a 20-year-old as opposed to a 60-year-old, the older individual does not have a civil rights claim against the insurance company.

Decisions become a form of illegal discrimination when race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, or age causes one person to be treated differently than another. These are called protected classes.

The United States government has enacted anti-discrimination laws that protect certain classes of individuals who have similar characteristics and tend to be the target of unlawful discrimination. More specifically, at the federal level, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, familial status, disability status, veteran status, and genetic information are protected classes of individuals that are shielded against discrimination. Moreover, most states have laws that mirror or even further strengthen these federal anti-discrimination laws.

Illegal discrimination claims can be both emotionally and financially stressful on plaintiffs seeking compensation for the wrongful termination committed against them by their employer. As such, it is crucial for the victim of a wrongful termination to be represented by an aggressive, yet compassionate, Orange County wrongful termination lawyer who will work hard to get the individual the compensation he or she deserves.

If you believe that you were subjected to an instance of wrongful termination or witnessed a wrongful termination in your place of employment, you should consult with an experienced Orange County wrongful termination lawyer to determine what legal rights you may successfully assert. The experienced attorneys at the Daily Aljian law firm may be able to represent you and get the just compensation that you deserve.