Employment And Your Rights After A Felony Conviction

If you have been convicted of a felony, you might struggle with finding a job due to your criminal record. However, the laws are changing, which could mean that hiring practices will turn in your favor despite r a conviction. Our Orange County employment attorney can provide you with further information on how these laws might impact you.

Federal Legislation

Dating back more than five decades, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 addresses the topic of employer discrimination and protects different classes of workers. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission oversees the enforcement of these laws. A company’s refusal to hire you might affect you through either disparate impact or disparate treatment.

An Overview of Disparate Impact

In disparate impact, the company’s intent is not considered but only how a policy affects a certain group of people more than other groups. The practice must not be relevant to business needs or relevant to the position in question. In the case of convictions, some ethnic groups are affected in disproportionate numbers, which could unfairly eliminate these people. Our Orange County employment lawyer can explain the ramifications of these actions as they relate to your situation.

An Overview of Disparate Treatment

Disparate treatment means that the employer treats two people in the same situation differently because of discrimination. For example, the company may hire members of one race but not of another although both have drug possession felony convictions.

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