Most employment Cases are Resolved Outside of Trial

Costa Mesa business attorneyAlthough many employment cases are resolved without trial, you should still seek legal representation by a Costa Mesa business attorney. He will provide legal advice or advocate on your behalf during mediation or arbitration.

Your Costa Mesa Business attorney Knows That Your Case Will Probably Conclude Without Trial

Your Costa Mesa business attorney will inform you that most employment cases nowadays are resolved without trial. Parties involved in any disputes related to employment will likely opt against litigation and find a resolution through direct negotiations, mediation or arbitrations.

A Costa Mesa Business Attorney Discusses Why a Trial Isn’t Necessary to Resolve Your Case

Your Costa Mesa business attorney may go over the following four reasons why your case will be resolved through negotiation, mediation or arbitration rather than litigation.

(1) Following current trends, your employer is relying on pre-dispute arbitration agreements, jury waivers and/or internal grievances procedures in order to bypass litigation filed by your Costa Mesa business attorney.
(2) As your Costa Mesa business lawyer can attest, certain federal courts are not sympathetic to employment lawsuits and will likely send your case to private, binding arbitration or even dismiss it outright.
(3) The defense and plaintiff business lawyers alike have become more adept at accurately gauging the value and risk of employment claims. Therefore, your Costa Mesa business lawyer knows how to resolve the case without involving a litigation.
(4) Following recent trends, you may opt to hire professional mediators to resolve your deadlocked employment dispute instead of a Costa Mesa business lawyer.

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