What You Need to Know About Employee Disputes and Employment Laws

If you own a business, employment lawyers Orange County can help protect your interests. From fulfilling tax obligations to providing benefits and managing disputes, here’s what you need to know to keep your company on solid ground.

Hiring and Firing

  • Attract capable employees by using proven advertising and interviewing techniques.
  • Act professionally when making job offers, rejecting applicants and outlining requirements and benefits.
  • Provide a thorough employee handbook that covers benefits and disputes.
  • Develop strategies for avoiding discrimination related to age, race, religion or gender.
  • Prepare to accommodate employees with disabilities and impairments.
  • Learn how to terminate employees legally, and familiarize yourself with rules for distributing final paychecks, recovering business information and offering COBRA insurance.


  • Understand tax deductions for employee expenses and salaries.
  • Research the financial benefits of hiring independent contractors, but make sure that you’re meeting all requirements.

State and Federal Laws

  • Comply with minimum wage and overtime laws in California.
  • Fulfill record-keeping requirements and rules for employee withholdings.
  • Determine if the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) applies to your workers and what it means for your business.
  • Take steps to protect employee records and personal privacy. Learn what activities violate privacy regulations.

Maintaining a Safe Workplace

  • Learn how to maintain an OSHA-compliant workplace.
  • Develop a plan for handling occupational safety issues, workers’ compensation claims and employee complaints.
  • Provide state-mandated accommodations to workers that handle hazardous materials.
  • Train employees to clean and maintain their work areas and to prepare for health and safety inspections.
  • Familiarize yourself with California’s drug testing rules and your rights regarding employee background checks and criminal records.

Health Care and Benefits

  • Determine what types of benefits you should offer, and ensure that they meet local and federal requirements.
  • Understand family and medical leave requirements and methods for distributing personal days.

Contact An Irvine Employment Lawyer

Finally, consult an attorney for more information on these common legal issues. For personal advice tailored to your business, contact Daily Aljain LLP. Our business attorneys have years of experience handling disputes, employment litigation and other complex cases.

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