Elwyn School Files $1.6M Lawsuit Against Contractor

The Elwyn school of Delaware has filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against a Springfiled contractor alleging breach of contract.

According to court documents, a new stand-alone building on the Elwyn campus is at the center of the civil litigation against J.J. Deluca Co. Inc. and James Deluca. The lawsuit claims the contractor failed to distribute payments received from the school to its subcontractors. The lawsuit alleges the defendants “failed to pay a number of subcontractors and suppliers for work performed . . . during the months of August and September 2010.

According to the complaint, “it is believed and therefore averred that, at the time of this complaint, the aggregate outstanding amounts that the defendant currently owes to its subcontractors and suppliers is more than $1,6546,774.30.”

Elwyn claims a letter was sent to J.J. DeLuca Co. Inc., that “demanded the defendant to satisfy the obligations,” but the lawsuit claims the company has “refused to comply.”

Elwyn is asking the court for the amount owed, plus interest, penalties, and attorneys’ fees.

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