Economic Damages

Employment law firm in Orange CountyAn attorney from the employment law firm in Orange County that represents you can explain that economic damages may make up the smallest percentage of your overall damages. However, because these damages are usually easier to prove than damages for emotional distress or punitive damages, they represent an important part of your case. The employment law firm in Orange County that represents you can highlight potential problems with proving your economic damages and defense strategies to mitigate their payout.

Explanation of Economic Damages

Your attorney can explain that economic damages usually cover back pay, front pay and incidentals. Back pay is defined as the amount of wages that you would have received since you were terminated from your employment until the judgment is awarded. It includes computations for health insurance, vacation pay and pension benefits. Front pay consists of wages that you will not receive in the future starting from the date of the judgment until the date in which you find a new job or you are reinstated to your old position. Incidentals include those direct costs associated with you finding other employment.

Claim: Your Damages Are Minimal

A defense attorney may argue that you have only suffered minimal economic damages. You should be prepared to refute an argument of this nature by proving that your economic damages are significant or, at least, that they are not minimal. Additionally, you can point out that economic damages are only a portion of your overall damages and should not be disregarded.

Expert Testimony

A defense attorney might attempt to determine the amount of your economic damages by asking an expert witness to testify. This witness will generally state that the economic damages that you suffered are lower than the amount that you submitted to the court. Alternatively, a labor economist may be brought in to testify regarding your ability to procure similar employment in the same or a related field.

If you would like to learn more about how to compute your economic damages or refute the defense’s claims that your damages are minimal, contact an Orange County employment attorney from Daily Aljian LLP by calling 949-861-2524.

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