Demand Letters

When you are trying to settle a dispute, it can be useful to begin by writing a demand letter. Orange County business litigation attorneys will tell you that this can work to settle as many as a third of potential disputes.

The Need for a Demand Letter

If a person owes you money, they may think that you won’t take legal action. When they receive a demand letter, they realize that you mean business. The demand letter should include:

  • The reasons why the individuals owe you money
  • That they have failed to pay
  • That you plan to go to small claims court with the case

By sending a demand letter, the debtor realizes both that they will have to go to court to make a defense of their failure to pay. They may realize that they don’t have a case.

Writing the Demand Letter

You might do well to consult a business lawyer Orange County when you write a demand letter. There are specific things you need to remember when doing so:

  1. Review the case history. This will help the judge if you go to court.
  2. Be polite but businesslike in your tone.
  3. Ask for a resolution, such as paying back the debt by a specific date.
  4. Be professional in your writing.
  5. Threaten a court action.

For More Information

If you are interested in writing a demand letter to retrieve money owed to you, call an Orange County business litigation attorney at Daily Aljian, LLP.