Your Costa Mesa Business Lawyer Can Explain Why Defendant-Employers Might Avoid Arbitration

Costa Mesa business lawyer If you find yourself named as a defendant in an employee generated lawsuit, you will be presented with many options from your Costa Mesa business lawyer as to the best way to proceed. Beyond a quick settlement, you could seek a ruling from an arbitration hearing. However, as your Costa Mesa business attorney will advise, the rules of arbitration hearings have changed over the years transforming them into more like litigation hearings. There are many possible pitfalls with pursuing this course of action that you’ll need to review with your Costa Mesa business lawyer.

The Arbitration Concerns

As your Costa Mesa business attorney will explain, one of the new developments in arbitration hearings is that courts have expanded the ability for the plaintiff’s side to engage in discovery. This can lead to expanded depositions and review of internal documents that might seem far beyond the scope of the original complaint. This puts an undue burden on your Costa Mesa business lawyer as they attempt to prevent these unrelated documents from being used.

Then there is the issue of cost. If you and your Costa Mesa business lawyer decide to use arbitration, you might find yourself paying the entirety of the costs. In many cases, this means you won’t be saving any money by avoiding a trial.

No Fast Dismissals With Arbitration

You and your Costa Mesa business lawyer would like nothing better than a quick dismissal of the complaint. The concern with arbitration is that arbitrator might not even have that power. Why then would you want to go down this road? Your Costa Mesa business attorney will also have very limited rights to appeal an arbitration decision. This does not put you in a strong position.

Make the Right Call With Your Costa Mese Business Lawyer

Your Costa Mesa business lawyer understands that arbitration is not the “quick fix” it once was. This is why you need to trust the experience of your Costa Mesa business lawyer. Daily Aljain LLP has the proven skills to provide you with a strong defense. Call today at 949-861-2524 to start your case on the right track.

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