Construction Defects

Construction Defects

There is nothing more frustrating during the construction process than learning of a defect that will either slow down or halt the completion of a project. Moreover, it is equally exasperating when an excited buyer purchases a new house or commercial property, only to learn that there is some sort of defect with the construction of the property. That said, many individuals in these types of situations need help with learning about what to expect with respect to construction law; thus, it is crucial that you hire an experienced Orange County real estate lawyer who can help to shield you from potential future financial loss.

In general, construction defects are conditions that are caused by faulty design, bad materials, and/or poor workmanship in a house or other income-producing property that you own. Construction defects can show up in a variety of places, and can include defects such as mold in woodwork, leaks from plumbing areas, toxins in yard soil, and hazardous gas or emissions from duct systems.

Fixing construction defects can mean costly bills, especially after buying a new property or home; however, if you think that you will need to sue in order to have your problem resolved, you should be sure to employ the services of a skilled Orange County real estate lawyer who is experienced in handling cases that call for litigation or mediation.

To start a construction defect lawsuit, you should first consider organizing as a large group of owners (if you know of others in your development with construction defect concerns). If not, you can certainly file the lawsuit on your own. Additionally, most lawyers do not require any type of advance payment for these types of cases; so you should be sure that you hire an attorney who has that same type of payment arrangement as well. All attorney fees and other costs will be paid after a settlement or award is made.

You should also note that you have up to 10 years from the completion of your property to file a claim, regardless of whether you are the original or a subsequent owner of the property. Keep in mind, though, that within that time, you might have as little as three years from the date you noticed the problem to file a claim.

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