Breach of Contract

While Orange County business attorneys handle a wide variety of cases, breach of contract cases are the most common. Breach of contract occurs when one of the parties to the contract fails to perform the promises that he or she agreed to under the contract.

Formation of Contract

Orange County business lawyers can explain that contracts are formed in the course of ordinary activity every day. Some contracts are express in which the parties agree to specific terms. Other contracts are construed by implication, either through the parties’ conduct or the law.

Express Contracts

Express contracts are usually easier to prove because they have usually been formalized in a writing. A court evaluates the case based on the four corners of the contract to start with. California law provides a four-year statute of limitations for written contracts.

Express contracts can also be oral. These types of contracts may be more difficult to prove because they are not clearly set out in a document. The time frame to file a lawsuit is shorter with oral contracts. The time is cut in half to only two years. Additionally, California law refuses to enforce certain contracts if they are not in writing.

Other Causes of Action

An Orange County business attorney may be able to explain if you may have any other options available in your case, such as tort claims.

Legal Assistance

If you have been damaged due to the other party’s breach, Orange County business attorneys from Daily Aljian LLP may be able to help.

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