Benefits of Mediation

A business lawyer Orange County may be able to explain the various benefits of mediation. Here are just a few reasons to consider going through this process.

Lower Cost

An Orange County business litigation lawyer can likely tell you that he or she is prepared to take your case to trial. However, he or she may warn that doing so can be quite costly. Even if you do recover, receiving your judgment may be another issue. Mediation is often less expensive. Even if you pay out of pocket for a neutral mediator, the process to successfully complete mediation may only take a few hours, compared with days or weeks of an expensive legal trial. The costs can usually be split between the parties.

Maintaining Relationships

For many small businesses, having a highly contentious legal battle can sever necessary relationships permanently. Many small business owners must reciprocate favors and business with other small business owners. Mediation can help the parties reach an amicable agreement and put their relationship back on track.


Going through mediation can help resolve an issue between parties. The goal is to get the parties to reach a settlement that they can both be satisfied with. The parties may leave the mediation session with a signed agreement. If a party is not satisfied, he or she can still pursue other legal action against the other.

Legal Assistance

If you would like more information about the mediation process, contact an Orange County business litigation lawyer from Daily Aljian LLP.

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