Understanding Trade Libel

Understanding Trade Libel

No matter the size of the company, all businesses face challenges on a daily basis, including the general issues of staying relevant in the market and making a profit. However, there are many other specific problems that can affect businesses, such as trade libel. Trade libel occurs when an individual or company spreads false information about a business’s products or ethics.

Trade libel can severely damage a company’s reputation and ability to compete in the market. Fortunately, you do not have to suffer the repercussions or trade libel. Let a qualified legal representative fight for you and your company. Call the Orange County business litigation lawyers of Daily Aljian today at 949-861-2524 and schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your legal options.

What Constitutes a Trade Libel Claim?

If an individual or company has spread untrue rumors about you and your company’s products or services, you should take action. However, to have a trade libel claim, you have to prove the following:

  • The defendant has published false and damaging information about your company for public viewing. This can be in written word, on the Internet, or other types of communication.
  • The claims are not simply an opinion, instead presenting the claims as facts.
  • The defendant knew the claim was untrue.
  • You have suffered economically because of the claims.

Take action today and let one of our attorneys help you file a lawsuit to gain financial compensation for your business’s suffering.

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If your company has been damaged due to trade libel, call the Orange County business litigation attorneys of Daily Aljian today at 949-861-2524 and schedule a consultation to learn more about your legal rights in this situation.