Protecting Online Trademarks

Protecting Online Trademarks

In many cases, a company’s name or trademark goes hand in hand with its product, service, or reputation. Because of the importance of a trademark, businesses need to actively work to protect their trademarks. Protecting trademarks has become even more important in the age of the Internet. Now that any small business can make its own website to advertise, promote, and expand, millions of people can view your company’s logo and other intellectual property. Trademark infringement can be a very serious issue and you may need a qualified attorney to help you protect your brand’s name and logo.

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Trademark Infringement Online

No matter how large your business is, you could always potentially become a victim of trademark infringement. By hiring a qualified business litigation attorney, he or she can help you fight for financial compensation if:

  • Your trademark or name is used on other products you did not make
  • Other sites use your design or logo as their own
  • Other entities attempt to exploit a substantial likeness with your name, trademark, or domain in an attempt to confuse or deceive customers

Being a victim of trademark infringement can be very detrimental to your business. It can cost you a great deal of revenue and might also generate negative consumer sentiment if the infringing party offers a poor product or service. A skilled and experienced attorney can help you to put an end to these damaging practices.

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