Litigating Against Unfair Business Practices

Litigating Against Unfair Business Practices

When you deal with a business as a customer or client, you expect that your transaction will be handled honestly and professionally. Unfortunately, some businesses attempt to get ahead by avoiding their obligations to customers and cheating them out of products, services, or money. If you have been negatively affected by the suspect dealings of a business, you may be able to take legal action against the company to recover compensation for your losses.

Types of Unfair Business Practices

There are a variety of unfair practices that a business may attempt to use to deceive or defraud customers. If you suspect a company of fraud or other harmful practices, consider consulting with an Orange County commercial litigation lawyer as soon as possible. Our experienced legal team is prepared to help with unfair business practice cases that involve:

  • Failure to deliver goods or services
  • Unfair treatment of tenants
  • Delayed, denied, or underpaid bills for product or services
  • Delayed, denied, or underpaid insurance claims
  • Failure to honor a service agreement or warranty

When a business does not deliver on its promises, those on the receiving end of the unfair treatment could be defrauded out of products, services, or money that they are rightfully owed.

An experienced commercial litigation attorney can help you take legal action against a company’s abusive practices and will fight on your behalf to hold the business legally accountable. You may be able to receive payment for any losses you have incurred because of the company’s unfair practices.

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